Three Gifts for Your Guy


1.     A watch is timeless, and such a fun accessory for guys to mix and match when they are picking out an outfit. They can be super casual or a little dressier with a suite. A timepiece is something your man wants to be proud of, when wearing it represents, “They got their stuff together.” I recently just got David a Jord watch! He loves it! And constantly gets compliments on it. They are comfortable, lightweight and uniquely made out of different types of wood. To name of few bamboo, maple and rosewood.. and the list goes on. My favorite detail on David’s Jord watch is the little message you can have custom ENGRAVED on the back. You can even send a font example to get the design just right! This would be a great detail for an anniversary gift, with your date on the back! Check out my favorite Jord watch HERE. And be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY to win your own JORD WATCH




1.     Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers!! Ok you can never go wrong with sneakers. My guy is a little bit of a sneaker head, and he loves matching his t-shirt and jeans with just the right pair, bonus points if his watch matches them too haha! Click my links below to check out a few pair of sneakers every guy wants to get there hands on!


2.     A little bling bling! Just kidding, unless your man is into that.. But who’s to say guys don’t like jewelry too! I recently got David a Giving Key for his Birthday and he wears it everyday! I love what this company stands for. Each key has a word on it; love, brave, inspire, passion, etc etc.. They’re mission is to pay it forward. You are eventually supposed to give your key to the person who crosses your path who needs it. They also support job creation for people transitioning out of homelessness! This is a great birthday gift, I gave David a key with the word; inspire for his 28th birthday.  Along with a letter including 28 reasons how he inspires me everyday. . Check out the link to see what word you would pick for your guy!