Backpack Attack!!

Ok.. REAL TALK! I'm not a super girly girl. I don't usually rock a "purse". You can find me with a clutch or something that resembles a clutch with a chain on it. Those of you who are the same, are probably just as excited as me for this trend.. Super cute, sporty and comfortable (I'm all about comfort and convenience)  I don't now about you, but I cannot get enough of the mini backpacks out right now! That's why I posted 6 amazing mini backpacks under $27 and what retailers to snag them at.. READY SET SHOP!!


1. Nylon Backpack Handbag | Merona $18.89

2. Stripe Neoprene Mini Backpack | Mossimo Supply Co. $18.89

3. Mini Backpack Handbag | Mossimo Supply Co. $18.89


1. Aden Mini Backpack | FILA $24.99

2. Mini Backpack | Dickies $19.99

3. Trinity Velvet Mini Backpack | Violet Ray $26.99