Thee Wedding Attendee Dress

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Wearing: Nasty Gal Floral Dress | Chinese Laundry Wedge

It’s that time of year!! WEDDING SEASON is officially here. If you are around my age.. your friends, Facebook friends and your friends-friends are getting married this summer. It seems like everyone and their mom are out looking for the perfect “wedding attendee dress.” The goal of “this perfect dress” is to look amazing without upstaging the bride of course.

I currently have three weddings this summer and have been out hunting for the perfect dresses. I have looked at my favorite stores of course.. Zara, H&M, Forever21 and Nasty Gal. These stores had a handful of good dresses but when I went to ASOS I was overwhelmed with their amazing selection! These dresses honestly look like they can be rented from off the runway and have a price point of $75-$115. Yuppp I'll take all five!! 

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Here are 5 tips how to pick the perfect "Wedding Attendee Dress" 

Tip NUMBER 1: Always abide by the FINGER LENGTH RULE! I know some of you single ladies want to look hot and all, but remember were going to a wedding not "da club." Guys want a girl they can introduce to his family, so make sure your hem of the dress touches the tip of your fingers. 

Tip NUMBER 2: I know we all love our body con dresses, and you most certainly can rock them at a wedding, just make sure you know the 80/20 RULE. If you haven't heard it already, this rule is one of fashions most basic rules on how to show the perfect amount of skin. You cover 80% of your skin and show off the other 20%. For example if you are going to wear a form fitting dress, make sure it falls by your knees and doesn't show too much cleavage.. Leading into our next rule! 

Tip NUMBER 3: YUP I said it, CLEAVAGE. You want to show MINIMAL CLEAVAGE when attending a wedding. Especially if God.. or a very talented surgeon has blessed you. There is a time and place for every outfit and this just isn't the occasion. You don't want creepy Uncle Tod staring do you?! You want to turn heads but for the right reasons. 

Tip NUMBER 4: DRESS YOUR AGE even though rules 1, 2, and 3 talk about dressing "wedding appropriate" be sure your dress doesn't look like you borrowed it from your grandpas closet. Dress conservatively but spice is up with a sassy lip or some sexy strappy stilettos. 

Tip NUMBER 5: Thee unspoken rule you.. CANNOT WEAR WHITE to a wedding. You never want to be that girl everyone comment about toward the end of the night,  "Can you believe she wore white?!" However you can break this rule when you are wearing a dress with an all over print. For example: a fun floral with a white background, or a navy and white stripe. You can wear blush, beige but stay AWAY from any shade of WHITE!!