Hi! My name is Austyn, and I am afraid of FAILURE..

I want to be real with you..

It took me a very long time to start this blog, because I am afraid to fail. When I do something I never want to half*^ anything.. I give it my 110%. If I don’t think I can give that.. I just will not do it, plain and simple.. I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my craft; branding and fashion. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but this year I decided.. Who F*^$ing cares what people think! I asked myself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if you start this blog?”


Things that went through my head:

-People will laugh at my “wanna be page”

-My website won’t look professional

-$20 a month on a hosting site

-It could be a big waste of my time


..Sounded like a pretty low risk investment.. right?

So I went for it, I emerged myself in everything that had to do with social media and blogging.. Reading books, listening to podcast and searching for endless articles that inspire me (still an ongoing process).

But, I’ve noticed I’ve lost my individuality recently. I’ve gotten so intimidated by these big time bloggers that it sometimes stops me right in my tracks when I go to write a post. I’ll start to write and I’ll go down the insta black hole, bouncing to other pages with 100K plus followers and get discouraged with my measly not even 2K IG page. Then end up not writing ANYTHING!

Something clicked in my head this week.. The Instagram, Blog space doesn’t need another picture of a beautiful Chanel bag. It needs real people that you can relate to. Outfits you can actually obtain and afford. Don’t get me wrong.. a girl can dream. But, I promise from this day forward I'll keep it onehundred with you. 

Yes.. I do too sometimes like a good chain restaurant, and I LOVE to shop at Target.. AND when there isn’t a Target around.. I have found apiece here and there at Walmart (yes, don’t judge me). And guess what.. I am not a stick figure, I am not size model and most days I don’t wear makeup.. Yes I want to inspire you but I want to inspire you to be real, and from this day forward I am going to be real with YOU!

PS: If your Gucci and you're reading this.. I will still totally accept a Dionysus mini.. HAHA just kidding but really ;) 


Cheers to a blog reset!

Happy Freaking Friday People

With so much Love,