Three Gifts for Your Guy


1.     A watch is timeless, and such a fun accessory for guys to mix and match when they are picking out an outfit. They can be super casual or a little dressier with a suite. A timepiece is something your man wants to be proud of, when wearing it represents, “They got their stuff together.” I recently just got David a Jord watch! He loves it! And constantly gets compliments on it. They are comfortable, lightweight and uniquely made out of different types of wood. To name of few bamboo, maple and rosewood.. and the list goes on. My favorite detail on David’s Jord watch is the little message you can have custom ENGRAVED on the back. You can even send a font example to get the design just right! This would be a great detail for an anniversary gift, with your date on the back! Check out my favorite Jord watch HERE. And be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY to win your own JORD WATCH




1.     Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers!! Ok you can never go wrong with sneakers. My guy is a little bit of a sneaker head, and he loves matching his t-shirt and jeans with just the right pair, bonus points if his watch matches them too haha! Click my links below to check out a few pair of sneakers every guy wants to get there hands on!


2.     A little bling bling! Just kidding, unless your man is into that.. But who’s to say guys don’t like jewelry too! I recently got David a Giving Key for his Birthday and he wears it everyday! I love what this company stands for. Each key has a word on it; love, brave, inspire, passion, etc etc.. They’re mission is to pay it forward. You are eventually supposed to give your key to the person who crosses your path who needs it. They also support job creation for people transitioning out of homelessness! This is a great birthday gift, I gave David a key with the word; inspire for his 28th birthday.  Along with a letter including 28 reasons how he inspires me everyday. . Check out the link to see what word you would pick for your guy! 


Holiday Party Attire


The MOTHER-LOAD of all sale days is here!

Let the holiday shopping begin, and also self shopping season start as well!  I'm not sure if it's because of all the crazy sales but this time of year I can't help but sludge on my closet "Investments" 


This year I made it super easy for you! Below I have shared my shopping list! Where to shop, what to get and what deals they have going on this weekend. Along with promo code and how to get free shipping! 


I don't know about you but I have my eye no the iphone 8 (when purchasing it at Target you get a $250 gift card) We could all use an extra $250 at target 

Boots starting at $15 and PJ's and robes are starting at $7. It's beginning to get a little chilly at night time for the fizzy sock and flannel bottom ups! 

Up to 40% off home decor! Target has the best home furniture and tchotchkes! They are inspired by Z gallery, Restoration Hardware and Urban outfitters (on Furniture get an extra 15% off when you use CODE: TURKEY. Also a tip for shipping, don't want to spend extra on shipping for big items, check the in store pickup box, to pick up at a store near you with no charge! 


Free people always has the best holiday dresses! They are having an insane sale on dresses, 50% off, check the link above! (Free standard shipping until Monday the 27th) 


Fun trendy tops starting at only $2!! Up to 80% off sale items! Use CODE: EXTRA30 to get an additional 30% off all sale items! They are also having killer deals on new hot winter items up to 50% off Faux Fur Jackets and Trenches!


Because we all love Nordies, and we need to see what's going on over there! They are having great sales and some select items are 20% off.. Oh yah Nordstrom always has free shipping. WOOT WOOT! 


EVERYTHING BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF!! I am a big fan of Pacsun, they carry lots of Brandy Millville (Best Graphic Tees) and Calvin Klein, along with cool authentic retro sportswear brands like Adidas Orginals, FILA, Champions and Guess. Free shipping on all orders this weekend too!


Nastygal has the best unique statement pieces for the best price, and on top of that.. EVERYTHING IS 50% off no promo code needed!!  For free shipping use promo CODE: GOWILD.


Mother Denim really knows how to make a good pear or blue jeans for those who deal with big booty problems on the daily. They have just the right amount of stretch with a small tapered waist. The only downside is they are a little pricey.. I usually keep my eyes open for flash sales on Haute Look, or The Rack! BUT this weekend they having a great sale up to 70% off, (Also if you sign up for the newsletter you will get an additional 10% off your purchase.)


H&M made a special BLACK FRIDAY Collection starting at $4.99. With great Holiday party skirts, dresses and coats! Use CODE: 1662 for an additional 20% off your entire purchase!! Free shipping CODE: 9054


This place has the best edgy brands like Ivy Park, Fenty and Free people work out gear! They also are my go to place with the best boost and ultra boost! Today if you spend $99 and use promo CODE: FRIDAY20 enjoy 20% off your purchase! 


Best lip kits in town! You will not be disappointed in these products they have great product from skin care to lip stains and glosses!! These are the best stocking stuffers and gifts for your friends. Today they have 20% off your total purchase along with free shipping!


Ray-Ban has the best lightweight Aviators! They rarely go on sale but today they are having sales anywhere from 20% to 50% off! Also free shipping on any orders no promo code needed!


Because ASOS has the best basics! Use CODE: EPIC30 to get an additional 30% off your total purcachase! Also use CODE: WIN20, for 20% off every brand on their site!!


- Last but not least!!! An additional 50% off all outerwear. You better believe I just ordered a Moto leather jacket for $160 (seriously the price of a faux leather jacket these days) Their selection of leather jackets are amazing, you must get one before this sale ends! Use CODE: HOLIDAY17 at checkout to get the additional 50% off your outerwear, then use CODE: SHIP4FREE for free shipping. BAM!! 


Hope this list helped!

Comment below and share links of your Black Friday Finds!! 

Happy Shopping! 



Hi! My name is Austyn, and I am afraid of FAILURE..

I want to be real with you..

It took me a very long time to start this blog, because I am afraid to fail. When I do something I never want to half*^ anything.. I give it my 110%. If I don’t think I can give that.. I just will not do it, plain and simple.. I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my craft; branding and fashion. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but this year I decided.. Who F*^$ing cares what people think! I asked myself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if you start this blog?”


Things that went through my head:

-People will laugh at my “wanna be page”

-My website won’t look professional

-$20 a month on a hosting site

-It could be a big waste of my time


..Sounded like a pretty low risk investment.. right?

So I went for it, I emerged myself in everything that had to do with social media and blogging.. Reading books, listening to podcast and searching for endless articles that inspire me (still an ongoing process).

But, I’ve noticed I’ve lost my individuality recently. I’ve gotten so intimidated by these big time bloggers that it sometimes stops me right in my tracks when I go to write a post. I’ll start to write and I’ll go down the insta black hole, bouncing to other pages with 100K plus followers and get discouraged with my measly not even 2K IG page. Then end up not writing ANYTHING!

Something clicked in my head this week.. The Instagram, Blog space doesn’t need another picture of a beautiful Chanel bag. It needs real people that you can relate to. Outfits you can actually obtain and afford. Don’t get me wrong.. a girl can dream. But, I promise from this day forward I'll keep it onehundred with you. 

Yes.. I do too sometimes like a good chain restaurant, and I LOVE to shop at Target.. AND when there isn’t a Target around.. I have found apiece here and there at Walmart (yes, don’t judge me). And guess what.. I am not a stick figure, I am not size model and most days I don’t wear makeup.. Yes I want to inspire you but I want to inspire you to be real, and from this day forward I am going to be real with YOU!

PS: If your Gucci and you're reading this.. I will still totally accept a Dionysus mini.. HAHA just kidding but really ;) 


Cheers to a blog reset!

Happy Freaking Friday People

With so much Love,



Even though it's 80 degrees out, you bet I'm pulling my boots out of the closet! 

This is a great casual weekend look. Perfect for meeting your girls out for brunch and bottomless mimosas!! If you haven't noticed this is my first post with actual links below that you can purchase product from! This is an easy way for you to get my exact StyleAUST look!

Tip of the day: You can never go wrong with neutrals. The perfect balanced outfit has just the right color tones. This look is a great example; the solid white tee, light denim jacket and nude boots (all have the same color story), then BAM your black is your pop color. Making your look incredibly pleasing to the eye ;) 

Backpack Attack!!

Ok.. REAL TALK! I'm not a super girly girl. I don't usually rock a "purse". You can find me with a clutch or something that resembles a clutch with a chain on it. Those of you who are the same, are probably just as excited as me for this trend.. Super cute, sporty and comfortable (I'm all about comfort and convenience)  I don't now about you, but I cannot get enough of the mini backpacks out right now! That's why I posted 6 amazing mini backpacks under $27 and what retailers to snag them at.. READY SET SHOP!!


1. Nylon Backpack Handbag | Merona $18.89

2. Stripe Neoprene Mini Backpack | Mossimo Supply Co. $18.89

3. Mini Backpack Handbag | Mossimo Supply Co. $18.89


1. Aden Mini Backpack | FILA $24.99

2. Mini Backpack | Dickies $19.99

3. Trinity Velvet Mini Backpack | Violet Ray $26.99




Wearing: Tavik Monahan One-Piece | Adidas Originals Dad Hat

Summer is finally here! Pack your bags and head to the coast for some beach time! Everyone is about to take off for their annual summer getaway. Here are a few ideas what to do and what you should pack on your trip!

4 tips on what you should pack for your trip; 

FIRST: You need a banging one-piece! Seriously though, these are a girls best friend, you can wear them under a pair of cut off jean shorts and.. BOOM, you have yourself a killer outfit for the rest of your day. I would also suggest a dad hat to top off your look. I'm obsessed right now with Adidas Originals, I have it in every color. Dad hats are great for a low maintenance hair day too! Especially when you are at the beach all day and the humidity gives you that extra frizz.   

SECOND: The casual roof top bar outfit is a must. When you go to small beach towns, they have a more laid back vibe. It's no Miami, girls walking around in their stilettos in and little body con dresses. For example, Laguna is a small hippy beach town. Embrace your street style and rock some tennies with a denim jean skirt. Wear a solid top that ties back to your sneakers, add a statement choker and there you go!! Your local SO CAL girl! 

THIRD: Don't forget to bring a pair of your favorite sunnies! These are the best, especially when you don't feel like putting any eye makeup on (me everyday). I'm in love with the mirrored lenses right now, especially the ones with all the fun frames. Check out Quay, they have great fashion glasses. Love their price and quality

FOURTH: I always make sure to bring my workout gear on every trip. I usually go on a run and exploring new sports of the city. You never know, you might find a beautiful look out and get inspired to get your yoga on! Also, all I wear is high waisted luxtreme yoga pants from Lululemon.. (which is a whole other post in itself) but love wearing them with a cut off crop top. It makes for an easy comfortable look in the airport on your way home.


Thee Wedding Attendee Dress

MM perfect wedding dress_ self.001.jpeg

Wearing: Nasty Gal Floral Dress | Chinese Laundry Wedge

It’s that time of year!! WEDDING SEASON is officially here. If you are around my age.. your friends, Facebook friends and your friends-friends are getting married this summer. It seems like everyone and their mom are out looking for the perfect “wedding attendee dress.” The goal of “this perfect dress” is to look amazing without upstaging the bride of course.

I currently have three weddings this summer and have been out hunting for the perfect dresses. I have looked at my favorite stores of course.. Zara, H&M, Forever21 and Nasty Gal. These stores had a handful of good dresses but when I went to ASOS I was overwhelmed with their amazing selection! These dresses honestly look like they can be rented from off the runway and have a price point of $75-$115. Yuppp I'll take all five!! 

UntitledThee Wedding Attendee Dress.image.001.jpeg

Here are 5 tips how to pick the perfect "Wedding Attendee Dress" 

Tip NUMBER 1: Always abide by the FINGER LENGTH RULE! I know some of you single ladies want to look hot and all, but remember were going to a wedding not "da club." Guys want a girl they can introduce to his family, so make sure your hem of the dress touches the tip of your fingers. 

Tip NUMBER 2: I know we all love our body con dresses, and you most certainly can rock them at a wedding, just make sure you know the 80/20 RULE. If you haven't heard it already, this rule is one of fashions most basic rules on how to show the perfect amount of skin. You cover 80% of your skin and show off the other 20%. For example if you are going to wear a form fitting dress, make sure it falls by your knees and doesn't show too much cleavage.. Leading into our next rule! 

Tip NUMBER 3: YUP I said it, CLEAVAGE. You want to show MINIMAL CLEAVAGE when attending a wedding. Especially if God.. or a very talented surgeon has blessed you. There is a time and place for every outfit and this just isn't the occasion. You don't want creepy Uncle Tod staring do you?! You want to turn heads but for the right reasons. 

Tip NUMBER 4: DRESS YOUR AGE even though rules 1, 2, and 3 talk about dressing "wedding appropriate" be sure your dress doesn't look like you borrowed it from your grandpas closet. Dress conservatively but spice is up with a sassy lip or some sexy strappy stilettos. 

Tip NUMBER 5: Thee unspoken rule you.. CANNOT WEAR WHITE to a wedding. You never want to be that girl everyone comment about toward the end of the night,  "Can you believe she wore white?!" However you can break this rule when you are wearing a dress with an all over print. For example: a fun floral with a white background, or a navy and white stripe. You can wear blush, beige but stay AWAY from any shade of WHITE!!

Fenty PUMA by Rihanna, I Want Wednesday

fenty Puma, I want Wednesday

I Want Wednesday: Puma Zip Off Sleeve Jacket | Puma Pleated Hem Jersey Dress | Puma Bow Creeper Sandal

My hunt for the perfect summer sneaker is over!! Tomorrow, May 11th PUMA drops the Bow Creeper Sandal. PUMA described this shoe for “Marie Antoinette in the gym.” Since we all have a little inner Empress in us, of course this shoe was our item of this weeks I Want Wednesday!

Along with the rest of the Fenty line, Rihanna and the PUMA team knocked this line out of the park. There is nothing like it in the industry right now. They really embraced this retro athleisure lifestyle trend, but did it in a unique, authentic way. Giving off bits of French and Harajuku inspiration. I WANT every piece in this collection… Okay, maybe not the Silk Jacquard Jumpsuit…. haha sorry RiRi!!