The Purpose of this Blog

If you google the word "style" as a noun, the definition is, "The manner of doing something". In todays world there is always something to do or something that has to get done. Why not do it in style? StyleAUST is a place where I can share my style with you and where you can be inspired and empowered by the latest trends from the runway to the streets.

Working in the apparel industry for the last four years, I decided it was time to share my vision with the world. Minimalism and simplicity are beautiful things, and can be unstoppable with a modern touch. You don't necessarily need the best of the best clothes or accessories to have amazing style. You don't need to be decked out in designer from head to toe, or that "it girl handbag" to make a killer look. You just need to know how to wear some amazing basics with some beautiful statement pieces.

We often ask ourselves, why do we actually care about the way we look. It's on the inside what matters right? Let me ask you something, have you ever made a grocery store run, and put a little lip gloss on to do so? The reason why we do this, isn't because we care about how people will see us. It's because it makes us feel better about ourselves and more confident and confidence is beautiful. The power of the wardrobe can be an amazing thing. And that is exactly what I want to give to you, I want to make women feel beautiful in their wardrobe. Embrace your inner beauty and show your confidence, wear that neon green jumpsuit, and  don't be afraid to show off your StyleAUST!